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Dispatches from Ray’s Planet: A Journey through Autism can be ordered from your local bookstore, directly from the publisher Caitlin Press, or from Indigo and Amazon.

On the Sunshine Coast, it’s on the shelf at Talewind Books in Sechelt.  (They deliver to Gibsons weekly!)

I am happy to see Dispatches purchased from any bookseller, but I am encouraging readers to support their local independent bookstores if possible.  The independents have taken a huge hit during the pandemic, whereas Amazon has not!

Reviews and Media

I believe Dispatch’s from Ray’s Planet is up there with the best books in Asperger’s literature written to date.  I honestly haven’t even been able to get through a couple of the popular books out there, even one of the ‘A’-list types. This one I read twice…back to back…almost in one sitting.

It has bridged the divide between ‘Aspies’ and ‘Typicals’ in a way I have not come a cross before. Claire Finlayson has shown the best grasp of the Asperger’s Planet I have ever read. This is an important book. This is my top recommendation for real everyday families struggling with Asperger’s, especially a late diagnosis. And not because it solves all our problems in one magical reading, it’s just real. Of course I love their work and am thrilled they have ‘Made It’, but Ray wasn’t John Elder Robinson or Temple Grandin. There is something special about the real story of an everyman hero who has won, but often fails.  To have it told by a ‘Neurotypical’ in a way that I could resonate with both sides was special. This is the story I personally recommend to anyone.


I greatly enjoyed reading this book. It was insightful, witty and educational. This is a book that can help us look at the world through another’s eyes and helps us on our journey as we all seek to understand each other better.